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Lot curcumin 99 et serrapeptase strong
  • Lot curcumin 99 et serrapeptase strong

Lot curcumin 99 et serrapeptase strong

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Serrapeptase strong :

Serrapeptase is an enzyme found naturally in the gut of the silkworm. It is secreted by the "serratiae 15", bacteria present in the intestine of the silkworm. It is this enzyme which allows the silkworm become butterfly to come out of its protective cocoon thanks to its capacity to dissolve the tissues devoid of life while not exerting any harmful action on living cells. Its performance is amazing since it only takes a small amount to open the cocoon, the enzyme remains active for several days and is slowly depleted, and above all, it only attacks "dead" tissue which allows the cocoon to be dissolved while the butterfly is completely spared. Serrapeptase was discovered by Dr. Hans Nieper and has been used for many years in Germany and Asia. From the age of 27, the natural production of enzymes begins to decrease, and the body gradually loses its ability to digest fibrin deposits (these poorly digested protein deposits scattered throughout our bodies and can generate / accentuate many ailments). Serrapeptase is a revolutionary enzyme. Good quality enzymes, through their recognition mechanism, can differentiate between immune factors that are beneficial to organic functioning and those that cause irritation. Thus, they only act on what is necessary. So it works like a cleaner. This has an impact on the whole body because the majority of ailments have a common denominator on which the enzyme acts. Serrapeptase has no side effects known to date, either it works, or you don't feel its effects. In the latter case, there must be a good reason, so you must ensure that it is used correctly and in the right dosage. Serrapeptase is compatible with chemical drugs.

Curcumin 99 :

Our curcumin "Curcumin 99" is easily accepted by all and can be easily mixed with other foods without changing the taste (for easier intake). Many turmeric products require a catalyst (such as piperine from black pepper) for the body to assimilate the curcumin contained in the product. This catalyst significantly increases the absorption of curcumin by increasing the overall permeability of the wall of the intestine, which is not without danger. Unlike these products, our curcumin does not contain any of these additives. It contains only turmeric longa titrated to 95% curcuminoids. Our vegetable capsules contain at least 70% pure curcumin extracted from turmeric longa. It is the purest curcumin available today. It contains nothing else: no excipient, no additives. Turmeric (turmeric longa by its full Latin name) is a perennial rhizomatous herb used in Ayurvedic medicine since 1900 BC. JC to solve a whole series of problems. It is a plant in the ginger family which, because of its antioxidant properties, was used as a natural food preservative. From its powdered rhizomes is extracted the spice called "turmeric". Turmeric contains a dozen active ingredients, of which curcumin is the most interesting. Current research has identified curcumin as the essential element of the biological action of turmeric and suggests that curcumin is good for a wide range of ailments. Curcumin is an extract of curcuminoids from turmeric longa. It takes about 100 grams of turmeric longa to get 4 grams of curcumin since turmeric contains only 4 to 6% curcumin. Therefore, check your labels carefully when you buy such a product. The dosage of curcumin is important. Thanks to loopholes in the regulations, the labeling of many products marked "Curcumin" contains little of this substance! An inexpensive product or patented blend rarely contains a lot of curcumin!


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4 pots of 90 capsules

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B Mélanie

mars 9, 2018
Mieux que le spasfon
Chaque mois c'est la même chose, je passe trois jours sous Spasfon! Depuis quelques mois je prend du wild yam pendant ma semaine de règle et je me passe de spafon! Plus de crampes, plus de douleurs, et plus de cochonnerie rose bonbon à avaler! Merci!

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