Who are we?

Remède Naturel was born from a personal adventure that we decided to share with you.

Behind our company hides a simple family. Initially, John, and his wife Nathalie. John has spent much of his life researching natural remedies with a firm belief: There is a reaction to everything nature does. If a disease appears, somewhere in nature there is a cure. The man has unfortunately devoted his energy and his research to the development of chemical and lucrative treatments to the detriment of the natural medicine which was however used centuries ago. We are slowly seeing a return to basics with an ever increasing number of people turning to nature to seek its benefits. Old remedies like essential oils, curcumin, spirulina, and serrapeptase are making a comeback because they are as effective as chemicals, minus the side effects and unwanted effects.

John began to take an interest in these alternative remedies over 40 years ago when, faced with a massive workload, he sought to reduce the stressor. It was one of his clients at the time who recommended Passiflore to him. Its efficiency piqued John's interest in natural products and what started out as a hobby became his new job. He founded "Nature's Health" in England. When he "retired" and came to settle in France, he found that French interest in natural remedies was strong enough to consider sharing his experience. Nathalie's health problems led John to have her tested these remedies. It was then quite naturally that Nathalie spoke about it to her acquaintances and that the demand was made more and more strong. This is what led John to create his website to share and promote the benefits of natural products. We test or have those around us test all the products we offer. Even our animals benefit from the benefits of these remedies to relieve their ailments in difficult times. Our experience has shown us that natural products work on 80% of people. We firmly believe that alongside traditional medicine, our dietary supplements can help most people. There is no miracle cure, but we can alleviate your ailments.

Today John has left his place to the rest of the family. The company is managed by Nathalie and Mélanie. Our small family business has only one goal: to relieve your ailments! In the majority of cases, we have at least one product that can help you, so don't hesitate to contact us. We wish you good health.