Home Cures Remedies Ltd., a family team, became very close to nature when we became disappointed with mainstream or conventional medicine. My wife Nathalie and I, John Osborne have spent a large amount of time in search of natural remedies or alternatives to toxic products, that actually do work, with the firm conviction that Mother Nature has the answer. If a disease is apparent, for example, somewhere in that big store that is natural, Mother Nature has the cure. Man, believing himself to be more intelligent, has found only a very small number of natural treatments and remedies. Instead he has devoted his energy and his research into the development of chemical treatments. Why ? It is more lucrative. But, slowly, thanks to the efforts of a few determined individuals, we are seeing a return to the ancient and now proven sources of a healthy lifestyle. We are going back to « the natural » and seeing its benefits. The « Miraculous » remedies  such as Serrapetase, Curcumin or Spirulina, are being shown to be more effective than any chemical products. With natural remedies there are no secondary or undesirable side effects when properly used. 

John began to look at alternative remedies more than 40 years ago when, faced with a load of stressful work, he sought a way to reduce that stress factor. Thanks to one of his customers he was recommended  to try "Passiflora incarnata".  He found this perfect, enabling him to enjoy good sleep patterns and stressless days. (The effects of Passiflora are difficult to explain ; Passiflora will help you to sleep when needed, whilst on the other hand it will help you manage your day stress free !). From this John began looking for other natural treatments and what started out as a hobby became his passion. He founded  « Health for Nature » as his first venture, sold that, started again and « retired » once more ! When he finally "retired" and came to France, John found that there was a universal need for natural remedies strong enough for him to start again. Nathalie is a « natural healer » so shares that interest. And, what started with a few friends is now a fully fledged business. 

The products in the catalogue and on our internet sites are well known for their benefits and have all been tested by our teams at one time or another. Our experience has shown us that natural and safe alternative products work effectively for most people. We firmly believe that we can help almost anyone. 

If you need help about any of our products, simply send an e-mail to contact@home-cures.net.  We will always be honest with you - if we think that that we cannot help you, we will tell you! 

In the majority of cases, there is always a solution. We wish you good health - naturally!!!!!!