Curcumin 99TM - 99,7% Pure - Pot de 112 Gélules.
  • Curcumin 99TM - 99,7% Pure - Pot de 112 Gélules.
  • Curcumin 99TM - 99,7% Pure - Pot de 112 Gélules.

Curcumine 99 PLUS powder

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Curcumin 99TM 

Studies and use across the world show that pure Curcumin is extremely beneficial for our health.

The benefits of 99% Curcumin99(TM) are incontestable.

The natural remedy, Curcumin, is effective against cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease and AIDS.

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Curcumin 99 TM is Guaranteed 99% pure*

Curcumin 99TM is the purest, thus the most effective, Curcumin possible.  

Curcumin 99TM has no taste or smell. Thus it is readily usable by children, for animals and those with difficulties swallowing. 

As used in hospitals.*(Certificate of Analysis available on request.)

Curcumin 99TM is refined by a Patented and secret process that ensures the same 99% purity every time - there are no variations. 

Curcumin 99TM is soluble and easily absorbed by the body, needing no other absorption catalyst. There are claims of products with so-called "improved" performance over pure Curcumin. These are not based on human benefits and can be discounted.


Curcumin Reviews

The following is a letter we have received from Mr. G.B. who is an 83-year-old client:

"I am getting a bit fed up with having to reply to the question "How come you are so well?" I reply simply that the product I got from Remede Naturel, for me their Curcumin has changed my life and realised my hope to be cured of my myloma. Since I started taking two capsules a day..., I have become myself again. I have really got my strength back around the house and no words can express my gratitude." (Two capsules a day is a starting intake.)

Here is another we received from a much younger lady, Mme. F.P:

"The 15th. August is a day engrained in my memory, the day I met you when my fibromyalgia was at the worst it had been for many months. This was due to either the medication not being effective or having awful side effects. I had already decided to try alternative remedies, but had found nothing - until I met you. Your Curcumin with 120,000 iu "Strong" Serrapeptase, Devil's Claw and Passiflora Incarnata are now very much a part of my pharmacie."



Please watch our Curcumin Video* for more information on this incredibly effective and natural remedy that's 90% successful in curing cancer and many other so-called incurable diseases affordably, easily and naturally. 


Very Important

Please Note!  Turmeric - Latin name curcuma longa - is the source of Curcumin. Curcuma longa, which is turmeric, contains, on average, just 4% curcumin. (It takes 25 kilos of curcuma longa to make just 1 kilo of pure curcumin.) The curcumin that we in the West, not having had a regular diet of curry meals over generations, needs to be strong curcumin* to be effective to non-regular curry eaters. There are very few apparently pure "curcumin" products on the market that achieve this. Please read the label of your product to be sure you are not buying turmeric which has only a tiny bit of curcumin in it and which does little or nothing for our benefit. Due to loopholes in labeling laws, nearly all so-called "curcumin" products have but a tiny fraction of our needs of Curcumin.  If it is "cheap", it is not proper Curcumin!   

Curcumin 99TM  is as used in Hospitals. 

Curcumin Health Benefits

There are over 200,000 publications that have accumulated on the health benefits of Curcumin. Many reports by the world's leading authorities on curcumin, that encompass almost all the major research results, have been published.

Turmeric has been used historically as a component of the Indian Ayurvedic regime since 1900 BC to resolve a wide variety of problems. Now research has identified (that it is the) curcumin component as being responsible for most of the biological activity of turmeric. Studies have suggested a wide range of potential health benefits associated with curcumin. 

Curcumin Dosage

Home Cures Curcumin 99(TM) is available in pots of 90 Capsules of 400 mg.

Suggested Curcumin Dosage: -
For prevention: 900 - 1800 mg per day.  (3+ capsules)
We recommend that you start low, perhaps 1 or 2 a day, to acclimatise to the Curcumin, for the first week or so. When you are happy with this intake, the quantity may be raised as required.

For remedial effect: up to 4 x 4 a day is recommended.

Do not exceed the recommended intake unless advised. Please email us if in doubt of your requirements.

Curcumin may not be suitable for some people who suffer from gallstones, blocked bile ducts, or who take blood-thinning medication. (We suggest that in such circumstances, the taking of Serrapeptase Strong(TM) for a time before starting on Curcumin99(TM) or any curcumin product.) Please consult your medical practitioner in such cases. Do not vary your current medication. 

* Copies of the original document are available on request. 

Curcumin 99TM contains only Curcumin. There are No fillers, No additives. Just Curcumin that is at least 99% Pure. 


A Certificate of Analysis is available on request.

Please do contact us for more detailed information. There's lots of it!!! 

Home Cures Curcumin 99TM  comes with our famous "4 for the price of 3 pots" offer. When you order 3 pots you will automatically receive the 4th. pot completely FREE OF CHARGE.

We appreciate this information is very brief.

For more information regarding your requirements, please email us at



Data sheet

40 g
Curcuma longa titré à 95% de curcuminoïdes - 70% de curcumine minimum
mai 2021

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C Patricia

nov. 19, 2018
Super produit / Super efficace sur chat intolérant +++
Merci pour la Curcumine 99. C'est un excellent produit pour nous, mais aussi pour nos amis à 4 pattes. Au bout de quelques jours de curcumine 99 saupoudrée sur des croquettes de très bonne qualité nutritive, mon chat a arrêté de se gratter. Cela faisait 3 ans que nous luttions contre ses démangeaisons qui la faisait se gratter jusqu'au sang. Pendant 2 ans 1/2, je devais lui préparer moi-même ses repas. Depuis juin 2017, Mina peut manger des croquettes et ne se gratte plus, la peau a cicatrisé, re-pigmenté et les poils ont presque tous repoussés !

Si votre chat est intolérant +++, essayez Curcumine 99 en poudre et saupoudrez-lui sur son alimentation.

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