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Colloidal Silver

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Multi-use solution! Brown glass bottle.

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What is colloidal silver ?

Colloidal silver is a solution obtained by electrolysis where silver micro particles are uniformly diffused in purified water. The solution thus obtained is colorless and odorless composed of pure water and silver ions. There are no known contraindications to the use of colloidal silver, or interactions with other products. Colloidal silver is a natural trace element known for its antimicrobial properties. INCI defines colloidal silver as "a solution composed of silver particles in water". This solution must be manufactured by electrolysis in order to obtain the designation "colloidal silver".

The colloidal silver that we market is 100% natural and does not have the name "organic" because it does not come from organic farming. In fact, water cannot be certified "organic". The term "bio colloidal" means that our colloidal silver is 100% bio-available, that is to say 100% assimilable [source].

Precautions for use :

. Keep away from light and at room temperature (in a cupboard)

. Do not dilute the product

. Do not use metal

. Space out colloidal silver and medication by one hour

. Space out colloidal silver and food supplement intake by 20 minutes

. Space out colloidal silver intake from any food and drink intake

. Colloidal silver keeps for 2 years if the bottle has not been opened


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Argent colloïdale
biocolloïdale par Remède Naturel

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