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Magnotherapy Bracelet - Roman Style.

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Home Cures exclusive Roman style Magnotherapy Bracelet with Magnets, Far Infra Red and Negative Ion elements which clients report SOOTHE Muscular and Joint Pain, LIFT your Morale and Well Being whilst AIDING to harmonise your BODY RHYTHM and BOOST POSITVE ENERGY.

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Home Cures exclusive ROMAN style Magnotherapy Bracelet with Magnets, Far Infra Red and Negative Ion Elements our clients report SOOTHE Muscular and Joint Pain, LIFT your Morale and Well Being whilst AIDING to harmonise your BODY RHYTHM and BOOST POSITVE ENERGY.

Home Cures Mangnotherpay Bracelets offer more than just simple magnets. Highly attractive and inexpensive, our bracelets can offer you very important benefits which will last for a very mong time.

OUR BRACLETS can help-

SOOTHE your muscular and joint PAIN




Made from specially treated Stainless Steel Home Cures Magnotherapy Bracelets have set into the links Magnets of the optimum recommended 3,000 GAUSS, (silver coloured),  Far Infra Red (Coloured red) and Negative Ion elements, (coloured white). All our Gold Plating is of the highest jewellery quality.

*MAGNETS are known to SOOTHE PAIN,

* FAR INFRA RED THERAPY is known to help STIMULATE your heart's rhythm, REGULATE the blood flow throught the body which is most important for your health,

* NEGATIVE IONS have the possibility to COUNTERACT DEPRESSION and DIMINUE STRESS whilst at the same time BOOSTING YOUR ENERGY.

This ROMAN, very attractive and distinctive style  - with more soon to be introduced - Home Cures Magnotherapy Bracelets is the ideal gift for anyone.

We have three standard lengths : -

21 cms

19 cms

17 cms.

Please state your wrist circumference on ordering and we will supply you with that length + 1 cm (depending on link size). Each bracelet is supplied in a luxurious veleveteen pouch.

Be the envy of everyone - wear your Home Cures Magnothreapy Bracelet and enjoy the benefits. 

"I have wonderful news for you! I have worn the bracelet for three days now and I no longer have my back pain which i have suffered for years. I hope that it lasts!

I think that this bracelet is really something." Mme. M.P Dept 88, France.

Please note: It is inadvisable to wear any Magnotherpay Bracelets, or any similar, if you are pregnant, have a heart pacemaker or take special medication for the treatment of blood disorders.  You are advised to wear it only during the day and remove it at night and place on a stone or similar surface. This helps the elements "rest". If you are in doubt, please consult your medical adviser.


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Reviews (2)

Mme PM

févr. 28, 2018
J'ai une bonne nouvelle!
Depuis trois jours, je n'ai plus mal au dos, cela ne m'était pas arrivé depuis longtemps et j'espère que ça va durer.
Je pense que le bracelet y est pour quelque chose et j'ai choisi le modèle que j'ai actuellement. Il me va bien.
M Olivia

mai 21, 2017
Je porte le bracelet depuis 3 jours et depuis plus aucune douleurs dans le bas du dos, hier je l'ai enlevée quelques minutes et les douleurs sont revenue, je pense que le bracelet fais son effet et j en suis très satisfaite, je recommande!

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