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Organic Avocado vegetable oil

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Virgin oil from a first cold pressing, 100% natural, ideal for taking care of yourself.

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Originally from South America, the avocado tree is now cultivated in many countries. In our regions, we now use its fruit in cooking, but also in many cosmetics. Avocado oil is indeed made from the pulp of the fruit.

How to use avocado oil on the skin?

Like sweet almond oil and organic argan oil, you can put organic avocado oil on the skin of the face. This oil is indeed suitable for sensitive skin as well as for several other skin types. This is why it is used in many facial treatments. A few drops of oil are enough to massage your face. Apply the oil avoiding the eye area.

You can also create your homemade cosmetics using organic avocado oil. By testing your product beforehand on the crook of your elbow for 24 hours, you make sure that you don't have any allergic reactions to the ingredients. You can mix the oil with other vegetable oils (the nourishing oils of your choice) or with honey, according to your desire.

How to use avocado oil on hair?

Moisturizing avocado oil is also useful for your hair. It is generally used as a hair mask, a few hours before doing your usual shampoo. However, it is possible to put a few drops of vegetable oil directly in your shampoo, to take advantage of its properties daily. A handy tip for regular scalp care!

To make a hair mask based on avocado oil, you simply have to put the oil on the lengths of your hair, emphasizing the ends. You can wait 2 hours before rinsing your hair or you can leave it on overnight, protecting your head with a towel. Then rinse thoroughly before using a mild shampoo.

Usage tips :

• On the face: a few drops in the morning and evening on the affected areas

• On the body: in massage until complete penetration of the oil

• On the hair: on the length and ends at least for 30 minutes then wash thoroughly.


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