Dryer Eggs - drying ball

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Dryer Eggs are dryer balls that reduce the drying cycle time of your laundry by 28%. They have a small hypoallergenic, infused and refillable fragrance-diffusing stick: a fresh and fragrant linen that is more respectful of the environment, more economical, and less aggressive for the skin.

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It was because she could not use traditional detergent without suffering from irritation that Dawn White had the idea to create Ecoegg. Indeed, what goes on your skin, also goes IN your skin. The skin is the largest organ of our body, so it is crucial to take care of it!

It is therefore essential to be able to do without detergents and synthetic perfumes which irritate sensitive skin, give eczema or trigger allergies, as well as fabric softeners which pollute the environment and damage your washing machine!

The dryer eggs are designed to separate the laundry in the drum so that the air circulates more easily and the laundry dries faster. The nodules make it possible to soften the clothes by mechanical action.

Your dryer eggs can be used endlessly thanks to their mechanical action. Fragrance sticks can be replaced whenever you want, and if you want!

The dryer eggs are:

  • Ecological: does not contain aggressive chemical agents
  • Natural: works by mechanical action
  • Healthy & hypoallergenic: without irritants or allergens
  • Economical: machine drying time reduced by up to 28% + refillable fragrance
  • Magic: scented clothes without fabric softener


Data sheet

1 egg + 3 sachets of detergent + 1 sachet of tourmaline

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